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20 thoughts on “The Dillonite Daily

  1. Big Sky

    Thanks Patrick O’Neill for your letter and your honesty in assessing the huge problems we are currently facing in Beaverhead county with our Sheriff’s dept. It was refreshing to see someone not afraid to tell the truth.

  2. Sandy Girard

    I read your publication online. Steve Doner’s letter was published in it’s entirety but the first part of Jay Hansen’s reply in the October 2, 2014 issue is only half there. Why?

  3. Becki Nesbitt

    Greetings from Springfield Oregon!! I love this..Thank you for making it possible for us no longer living in Dillon to keep up on the happenings there.

  4. Jordan Fuller

    Does anyone in Dillon have a place for rent? Willing to pay up to $500 a month preferably a 2 bdrm apartment.

  5. Heather

    I really like the fact that you can pull the dillonite daily up on the web, but today 3/6/12 there was not a classified page.

    1. harvlake Post author

      Hi Robert, Thanks for coming by. As we said in a previous comment, that is an upcoming enhancement to the site. We have some other projects that we want to get to before that. It is coming, though.

    1. harvlake Post author

      Thanks for coming and visiting us, Ryan. This is in the works, but I have a few other projects I would like to get completed before that. Keep checking back, It is coming.

    1. harvlake Post author

      Rudy, I’m working on the droid app. Keep checking back. We are glad to see the folks from Billings checking in, too.

    1. harvlake Post author

      You can right click inside the box that shows the Dillonite Daily and choose Zoom In. You can also click ctrl+Num +, or ctrl+1 makes it actual size.

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