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Letter in Support of Frank Kluesner

To:  Voters in Beaverhead County

I am writing in support of Frank Kluesner for Beaverhead County Sheriff in the November elections.

I taught Frank in elementary and followed him throughout high school.  Later Frank joined the Lima Fire Department /Ambulance and earned his EMT.  He took on the job of training captain for the Department.  Frank excelled in each position of responsibility because he wanted to be of service to his community.

What qualifies Frank to be the sheriff of Beaverhead County?  He has proven to me that all the citizens in Beaverhead County are of equal importance.  For 23 years he has provided law enforcement for the areas of Beaverhead County and has done the job with the professionalism that citizen’s should expect.  Each community, valley, and most importantly, each citizen should receive equal protection from the Sheriff’s Office.  He will work to stay in touch will the citizens of Beaverhead County. Continue reading

Twenty Years Ago… The Day Dillon Kiwanis Changed Forever…

by Chuck Dishno

Dillon Kiwanis Club. She said, “Well, I might as well, I have helped on so many projects over the past 15 or so years I might as well be an official Kiwanian.”

At the next meeting, I proposed membership to my club and Roz was enthusiastically accepted. The only hurdle was to convince Ken Kolski, a confirmed bachelor. When I asked Ken, he said that Roz had fixed him so many Chinese dinners, how could he not welcome her into the Dillon club.

The next day, I faxed in my membership list and thanks to my beautiful China Doll, Division 3 showed a net gain of one member and I was named Distinguished Lt. Governor. I used this as a springboard and the next year I ran for Governor where I also received Distinguished status. Continue reading

Statement from Chief Craft Concerning School Evacuation

On 09/29/14 The Dillon Police Department was contacted by Beaverhead County High School and notified of an anonymous threat to the school. The school administration took immediate and impressive action by implementing their emergency protocol. The school was quickly evacuated as law enforcement arrived. As a precaution, law enforcement advised other schools of the threat and their emergency plan was activated. While at the scene, Beaverhead County dispatch advised officers they received a second anonymous threat involving the high school.

The high school was locked down and a quick search was performed by officers, deputies, and school officials. The Montana Highway Patrol and Helena Police Department were contacted by the Sheriff requesting assistance with a bomb sniffing K9.  The Bureau of Land Management, Dillon Field Office also assisted with their K9 unit. All buildings on the high school campus were thoroughly searched by Officers, Deputies, Rangers, and the K9 units. No threat was found.

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The End is Near

I think it was five years ago, it could have been six. TodayInDillon.com came online. There wasn’t much fanfare but we had a few visitors and it grew. It was fun to build and it kept me busy. There were the couple of times it got hacked. The times when we overwhelmed the system and our hosting shut us down. All in all it has been a challenge. But now, it is time to bid farewell and say good bye to the site. We had between 350-600 regular visitors each work day. Our best day came a couple of weeks ago with the help of a few stolen cars and a police chase. In the 24 hours after the chase began, we had 6,500 visitors. Now I know the value of facebook and twitter. In terms of Dillon, I would call that viral.

Over the next few weeks we will be winding down and putting our efforts elsewhere. The site was started to generate a few extra bucks and at times it did just that. We won an award and are most appreciative of the Chamber of Commerce for thinking of us. I always hoped it would make enough to keep me going and more than pay for itself. There just isn’t enough time to work my day job and promote the site. Continue reading

Hoyer: “Lewis Can’t Campaign on Guns in MT”

At a recent campaign event for Democratic Montana U.S. House candidate John Lewis, U.S. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) responded to a question about gun control by emphasizing that Lewis cannot campaign on gun control in Montana.

In the audio recording of the event, an audience member asks Lewis what he is doing “to get weapons of war off of our streets.” Lewis answers by stating his support for mental health reform and expanded background checks on legal gun purchases. Hoyer — who is second in command among U.S. House Democrats after Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — then says that the gun issue should be downplayed in Montana, but emphasized that gun control legislation will stand a better chance of passing if Lewis is elected and the Democrats have the majority.

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Official Statement From Sheriff Hansen on Stolen Vehicles.

On September 4, 2014, at 6:56 p.m., a Sheriff’s deputy attempted a traffic stop for excessive speed on Montana Street near the intersection of Highway 91. The Silver, 2010 Mitsubishi Utility vehicle was traveling approximately 50 miles per hour in the 25 miles per hour zone.

The SUV disregarded the deputy’s lights and siren and continued to accelerate through residential areas of Dillon and out on Highway 41 where other officers from the Dillon Police Department assisted in the pursuit. At milepost 4 on Highway 41, the pursuit again made a change in direction back through Dillon and ultimately ending at the Southside Trailer Park where the SUV crashed. The driver exited the SUV and fled the area on foot. Continue reading

Manhunt In Dillon

At time of posting, there is a manhunt on for a suspected car thief. Here is what we have been able to glean from the scanner.

  • At about 7:00pm on Thursday 9/4/2014, local law enforcement was involved in a high speed chase from Dillon to a few miles out of town. The suspect achieved speeds upward of 100 mph. The suspect then returned to Dillon at that same high rate of speed. Driving through town at speeds over 80 mph.
  • The vehicle was reported stolen from Illinois.
  • The suspect was lost near the Southside RV park and headed towards the fairgrounds.
  • A fire was reported at Southside RV.
  • Officers Searched the fairgrounds.
  • A drive off was reported from The Mini
  • A vehicle was reported being found on Beaverhead Lane. When the owner was contacted, he confirmed that his jeep was missing from Railroad Avenue. The owner mentioned that a rifle was missing from his son’s room.
  • Another vehicle was also reported stolen from Laknar area. The vehicle was a Pontiac G6. The car had 1/4 tank and no weapons in vehicle.
  • Laknar area was being closed off.
  • 9:25 pm Car alarm sounding near Sullivan Lane.

Check back for updates as they come in.