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Dillon Bar and Restaurant for Sale

Montana Bar for Sale

Click image to see the Montana Bar for Sale

Click image to see the Montana Bar for Sale

Located on one of the busiest corners in Dillon, Montana is an opportunity. If you are looking for a Montana Bar for Sale, this may be what you are looking for.

Lots of renovations have been made to the bar area to make it comfortable for the patrons. An attractive oak back bar brings the atmosphere to life as well as accentuates the historical aspects of the area.

There is plenty of seating as well as standing room. An attached restaurant and upstairs apartments make this one of the premier properties available in Montana.

Give Jerry a call to check it out at 406-925-1625. Or, you can click to check out the bar for sale.

Former Montana Detective Writes Book about “The Serial Killer You Never Heard Of”

John Cameron, a former Great Falls police detective and then a parole board analyst at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, has been working on “cold cases” in Montana for years.

Now, after four years of research, Cameron has published a book with his collective findings on the man he says is the most intelligent serial killer ever: Edward Wayne Edwards. The book is titled, “It’s Me: Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of.”

While working at the prison, Cameron received information on Edwards — and this is when Cameron believes he started to unravel Edwards’ 55 years of secrets.

Murderpedia.org states: He murdered 5 people in Wisconsin and Ohio. Two in 1977, two in 1980, and one in 1996. Tracing his life, Edward Edwards has been placed (within days) in US cities where unsolved murders have occurred. These cities include the following: Portland, OR (1960 double homicide), Great Falls, MT (1956 double homicide), and San Francisco, CA (1968-1970).

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RightNow Technologies Founder, Entrepreneur, Greg Gianforte to Visit Dillon Thursday, April 17th to Discuss Better Montana Jobs

DILLON, Mont.,— On Thursday, April 17th, entrepreneur and founder of RightNow Technologies will spend the day in Dillon meeting with officials and entrepreneurs to discuss the potential of high-tech and manufacturing jobs in the area.

Mr. Gianforte has been touring the state conducting similar visits and promoting his business plan for Better Montana Jobs. The plan includes high-tech and manufacturing jobs and includes opportunities for students to learn more about computer programming and mentoring opportunities for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

Gianforte will be joining a “Brown Bag Roundtable” event hosted by the Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture that will be open to the public as well as delivering a keynote speech on his plan for Better Montana Jobs that evening. The keynote event will also be open to the public. Continue reading

City Council Judiciary Committee Meets on LGBT Non-Discrimination Order

Monday, the Judiciary Committee held a meeting on LGBT issues in Dillon. The overflow meeting was attended by many supporting the measure as well as many who are against the Non-Discrimination Order.

Almost no one at the meeting felt that it was a good idea to discriminate against anyone. The difference comes in whether or not the city should be putting a law on the books that singles out one group of people. Many of the speakers would like to not act too hasty. They would like to see how the issue plays out in other communities.

Click here to see the analysis of a Bozeman Lawyer presented at the meeting.

Montana’s Special Drawing Deadlines

Montana FWP

Montana FWP

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ deadlines to apply for special license drawings is May 1 for bison, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat; and June 2 for the elk B, deer B and antelope license drawings.

FWP reminds hunters applying for moose, sheep and goat licenses that they will see changes in fees as a result of legislation adopted by the 2013 Montana Legislature. In past years, hopeful resident hunters were required to submit $75 with their application for a $125 license, plus pay a $5 drawing fee. This year, resident hunters need only submit a nonrefundable $10 application fee per license and then pay the full license fee of $125 if successful.

Nonresidents are also included in the new fee arrangement. In past years, nonresident hunters were required to submit $750, the entire cost of a moose, bighorn sheep or mountain goat license, plus pay a $5 drawing fee. This year nonresident hunters need only submit a nonrefundable $50 application fee per license and then pay the full license fee of $750 if successful. Continue reading

Beaverhead County Road Work for Week of March 30th

Beaverhead County Road Work
March 30th to April 5th, 2014
Dillon, Lima and Wisdom Areas

• Bladed on the following roads: Medicine Lodge, Carter Creek, East Bench, and Stoddard.
• Worked on the approach on Smith Road coming off of Blacktail Road.
• Stockpiled millings at the old Landfill.
• Ditch work on Flynn Lane.
• Equipment set up.
• Moved equipment.
• Road checked Dillon area roads.
• Equipment service and repair. Continue reading