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Kalispell Pilot Fulfills Childhood Dream of Flying as an Air Force Thunderbird

Jason Curtis will have a lot on his mind this weekend.

For one thing, he’ll be aiming the jet he pilots directly at another one being flown by Blaine Jones. They’ll be traveling in excess of a combined 1,000 mph, and not until they are just inches apart will either one of them make a move to avoid a mid-air collision.

But at some point – most likely after they’ve dodged that bullet – Curtis is quite certain he’ll look down on the crowd at Saturday and Sunday’s Mountain Madness Airshow at Glacier International Airport and wonder:

Could there be, among all those people, a child so taken with what he or she is witnessing in the skies over Kalispell that it sticks with them for years – decades even – to the point that one day, say in about 2044, that child finds themselves one of the six pilots who make up the U.S Air Force Thunderbirds?

It’s a pie-in-the-sky thought, to be sure – the odds of it happening have to be astronomical – yet you can forgive Curtis for taking a moment to ponder it this weekend, even as he nudges his F-16C Fighting Falcon within a few miles per hour of the speed of sound.

After all, it’s happened before.

Maj. Jason Curtis was just 4 years old when his mother, a single parent, took him to see the Thunderbirds perform in Kalispell back in 1985.

Read more: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/kalispell-pilot-fulfills-childhood-dream-of-flying-as-an-air/article_3547e3dd-e0e8-571f-b49b-1b739324734e.html#ixzz3Bemi5JSD

Search Continues For UM Student Missing a Week

The search continued Tuesday for a 21-year-old college student who disappeared in southwestern Idaho while traveling to the University of Montana in Missoula.

Lucius Robbi, of Orleans, Calif., had registered for fall classes at UM and was expected to arrive on campus last week. He left Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, at around 2 p.m. last Tuesday but never reached Missoula.

“We first received the call on Friday and we’ve been searching ever since,” said Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber. “He was supposed to arrive in Missoula last Wednesday.”

The Boise County Sheriff’s Office has conducted several aerial searches of the student’s last known location at Horseshoe Bend, along with possible travel routes into Missoula.

Roeber said those routes are limited and include Highway 21 to Stanley, Highway 75 to Challis, Highway 93 to Missoula, or Highway 55 to Orofino and Highway 12 to Montana.

Read more: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/search-continues-for-um-student-missing-a-week/article_76fca636-4f5b-554b-af0d-7c81c9942194.html#ixzz3BenJGJL7

Beaverhead DUI County Task Force Helps Out Over Labor Day Weekend

The goal of the Beaverhead DUI County Task Force is to reduce impaired driving including the number of alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths in Beaverhead County. Our volunteers plan and coordinate prevention strategies, compliance, enforcement, evaluation and community involvement.

Sign photo for Aug 2014During the Beaverhead County Labor Day events, the DUI Task Force provides ID checks for alcohol sales for the concert and rodeos. The intent of this task is to reduce underage alcohol sales, to raise awareness, and to provide a service to the Dillon Jaycees to expedite the server lines.
SB29- the Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act was passed into law by the 2011 Montana Legislature. The law requires that all employees who serve or sell alcohol, their immediate supervisor as well as the licensee, if they serve or sell, receive RASS trainings through a state approved program. RASS training includes guidelines for checking IDs, determining whether or not an ID is valid and detecting underage warning signs. Continue reading

Kim Martinell with the DUI Task Force to Provide Program at Dillon Rotary Wednesday

Rotary of Dillon

Rotary of Dillon

Kim Martinell with the DUI Task Force will speak to Rotarians and guests Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014Visitors are welcome. Programs begin at 12:30 p.m. and end by 1 p.m.  Anyone interested in learning more about Rotary should come at noon to be a guest for lunch.  The Club meets in the Guild Hall of St. James Episcopal Church, 203 East Glendale St.   For more information, email Craig Rehm at crehm@dadco.com or Roxanne Engellant at engellantr@gmail.com.

Ask First To Hunt On Private Land

Don’t wait until it is too late. Hunters who haven’t already asked permission from private landowners to hunt need to do so as soon as possible.

Montana law requires hunters to obtain permission for all hunting on private land. Whether pursuing upland game birds, coyotes, gophers or any other wildlife, hunters must have permission from the landowner before hunting on private property.

Landowners may grant permission in person, over the phone, in writing or by posting signs that explain what type of hunting is allowed and under what conditions hunting may occur on land owned or controlled by the landowner.

Members of Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce to Speak to Dillon Kiwanis

Kiwanis_LogoShaundra Stoddard and Mitch Staley of the Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce, will be the featured speakers at the Wednesday, Aug. 27 meeting of the Dillon Kiwanis.

The Kiwanis meet each Wednesday at 12 p.m. at the Dillon Elks Lodge in downtown Dillon. The program begins at 12:15. Visitors are welcome.

The Kiwanis Club of Dillon has been serving our community since 1940.

Beaverhead County Road Work For Week of August 17

Beaverhead County Road Work
August 17th to August 23rd, 2014
Dillon, Lima and Wisdom Areas


  • Bladed on the following roads: Argenta, Stonehouse, Carroll, Flynn, Carrigan, Bond and Anderson.
  • Mowed on the Scenic Byway.
  • Hand patched on the following roads:  Scenic Byway, Sweetwater, Schuler, Lovers Leap and Blacktail.
  • Moved equipment.
  • Road checked Dillon area roads.
  • Equipment service and repair.

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